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Friday, December 15, 2017

If You Have Diabetes, Visit Your Podiatrist

Diabetes affects the lives of nearly 26 million people in the United States. And while there is no cure for diabetes, there are steps you can take to keep it in check. If you suffer from diabetes, regular visits to the podiatrist will be of great value to your health. Podiatrists know the importance of your health and are available to work with you to keep your feet healthy and pain free.

What Role Does a Podiatrist Play?

Podiatrists play a key role in helping patients control diabetes to avoid foot-related complications. Some of the warning signs include:
  • Skin color changes.
  • Swelling of the foot or ankle.
  • Numbness in the feet or toes.
  • Pain in the legs.
  • Open sores on the foot that do not heal quickly.
  • Ingrown and fungal toenails.
  • Bleeding corns and calluses.
  • Dry cracks in the skin, especially around the heel.

Paying close attention to your feet and visiting the podiatrist are very important in maintaining your foot health when you have diabetes.

Stay One Step Ahead of Your Foot Health

Getting ahead of your diabetes is what a podiatrist will help you with. Did you know that up 65,000 lower limbs are amputated due to diabetes complications? These could have been avoided with regular visits to a podiatrist.

Regular visits to a podiatrist will lower your risk by up to 85% and can also help to lower the risk of hospitalizations by 24%. In addition to regular visits to the podiatrist there are steps you should take at home too. These foot care tips include:

  • Inspect your feet daily.
  • Wear thick soft socks, and properly fitted shoes.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Do not go barefoot.
  • Do not remove calluses, corns and warts by yourself.

Annual checkups to the podiatrist are the best way to be certain that your feet remain healthy. Contact your podiatrist if you suffer from diabetes and want to stay proactive by keeping it in check.

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