Professional Podiatric Foot Care

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Benefits of Foot Massage

A foot rub does not only feel good but can also promote many positive benefits  for your health. Massaging the foot helps to stimulate the muscles around your feet. This will help to lessen stiffness and can reduce pain in the heel, ankle, arch, and pad of your foot. This, in turn, results in stronger more flexible ankles making you less likely to injure your ankle or foot. The kneading of these muscles and tendons helps to create energy for your body by releasing blockages which hold back energy thus helps relieving symptoms of stress and fatigue. A calming foot massage right before bed can help your body to unwind and relax your nerves while encouraging restful sleep.
Improper footwear and sedentary lifestyles are a large factor in why most of us do not use the muscles in our feet correctly. A corrective measure would be to engage in at least 10 minutes of daily  foot massage. The stimulation created by the rubbing will help to transport oxygen to the body’s cells,  this helps to improve your blood circulation which is essential for overall health. The invigoration of the feet created by massage will also help to prevent varicose veins by awakening the lymphatic system. It has also been found that massaging your feet can bring relief from pain and inflammation that is caused by foot tendonitis, as well as addressing the symptoms of heel spurs. A warm olive oil or coconut oil would also assist in this process along with a foot roller. Be sure to roll it back and forth on the top of your feet as well as on the soles.