Professional Podiatric Foot Care

Friday, April 14, 2017

If You Stand All Day At Work - Here's Some Tips!

Working on your feet all day can cause an array of physical ailments for your feet and legs. Since changing the daily expectations of your job does not seem realistic try these tips to help get your feet through your hectic work week.

  • Shoe choice- When choosing your work shoe make sure your heel is elevated by at least ¼ inch and is less than 2 inches. It is also important to choose a shoe with strong arch support which will help to reduce soreness in your legs 
  • Shoe fit- If your shoes are not big enough they can cause blisters and poor circulation making standing all day almost unbearable. Remember that your feet naturally swell as the day goes on. Some podiatrists recommend buying your shoes half a size larger to accommodate for arch supports or custom orthotics. 
  • Regular stretching- If possible give your legs and feet a stretch every hour or so to reduce stiffness and pain. Try calf raises to help pump blood out of the feet. 
  • Home care- When you have a chance to get off your feet and relax go the extra step and provide your feet some comfort through icing, elevation, or massage. Immersing your foot in water with ice for 20 minutes will address swelling and inflammation. Propping your feet above the rest of your body will also help reduce the days swelling. An at home foot massage can be as easy rolling your foot from heel to toe over a tennis ball.